All-Star Sports System 7 Matte Finish Batting Helmet

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**Per the manufacturer, the typical 12-year old fits in the adult size helmet

SEI certified to meet NOCSAE standard

Designed for protection, strength, and comfort, the System Seven™ BH3010 one size fits all batting helmets are recommended for youth through college level play.

  • This is the best fitting helmet on the market, featuring a moisture wicking Ultra-Cool™ (OSFA) liner system, treated with the AEGIS Microbe Shield™.

  • The shell is constructed with high impact resistant ABS plastic. Corrugations in shell increase the helmets strength and the large vent ports placed throughout the helmet are to keep players cool.

  • Hardware is pre-mounted to the helmet making it instantly ready to attach a batting helmet face guard or batting helmet chin strap.

  • Chin strap snap is removable.

All System Seven™ batting helmets use a high impact resistant ABS shell which is designed for maximum coverage in critical areas (the back of the neck and the cheek area).  The interior uses Ultracool lined foams to stay cool and dry even on the hottests days.  Large vents around the helmet also help you stay cool and are strategically placed for maximum shell strength.

All System Seven™ batting helmets come with hardware for facemasks and chin straps pre-attached for convenience and are available in a large number of colors to match any team uniform.